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Music & Words

Music & Words is a record label and a distributor specialising in music based on traditions. Owned labels are Fréa Records, Zimbraz, Papyros, MW Records, Red White 'n'Blues, Dig It!, Saphrane and -I-C-U-B4-T-. Also, since 2009, the companies releases lps on its label 6 Spices These labels are exported world wide through selected distributors.
Visit for our most special project around dutch traditional music.

Distributed labels are Smithsonian Folkways, World Music Network, Piranha, Topic, Red House, Blind Pig, Delmark, Green Linnet, Tara, Greentrax, Felmay, Pläne, Compass, Asphalt Tango, Jaro, Arbiter, Biosphere, Traditional Crossroads, Claddagh, Gael Linn, Pianissimo, Sain, Vertical, Temple, Pan, Syncoop and many others. Music & Words distributes these labels into the Benelux, using our own sales staff and promotion deparrtment.

Central Distribution/Central Distribution Belgium

Central Distribution functions as a virtual warehouse for Music & Words, but also for Oreade Music, XMD and Cuba-Co. Catalogues offered by these company can all be ordered at one adress and will be shipped simultaniously throughout the Benelux.

Aditi [Image]

Aditi [Image] is a dvd videolabel specialising in roots music. The label is co-owned by Felmay from Italy.



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